Healthcare in Switzerland

Everyone in Switzerland has the right to medical care. At the asylum centre, always go to Medic-Help first in case of any symptoms.

First go to your general practitioner

In Switzerland, your general practitioner is your first point of contact in the event of illnesses or accidents. They treat you, and if necessary they refer you to the hospital or another specialist.

If the general practitioner knows his or her patients and their medical history, he or she can give them better treatment. Therefore always go to your general practitioner first.


If you feel sick, do not go directly to the hospital but go to your general practitioner first.


In the case of an emergency or to give birth, go directly to the hospital.

Medical care in asylum centres

If you have applied for asylum (N permit), are in need of protection (S) or are temporarily admitted (F), the cantonal authority will conclude a health insurance policy for you. If you have a residence permit (B or C permit), you are responsible for insurance coverage yourself. It is mandatory to have insurance.

Doctors and all medical professional are subject to professional secrecy: They are not allowed to pass on any information about you as a patient to third parties. They require your consent for this.